Dewatering & Groundwater Control

WJ Kuwait offers a complete service ranging from design, installation, testing and maintenance for all aspects of dewatering & groundwater control. To learn more about the types of dewatering systems available, please select a service type below.

What is Dewatering & Groundwater Control?

Dewatering techniques

Range of application of dewatering techniques (based on CIRIA C515, London 2000)

Dewatering systems are routinely used in the construction industry to provide temporary reductions in ground water levels for structures which extend to below groundwater level. Groundwater control extends this definition to encompass any pumping or recharge system used to manipulate groundwater levels for a range of purposes. This can be achieved in a variety of ways.


The Different Methods of Dewatering & Groundwater Control

The simplest form of groundwater control is sump pumping where groundwater is collected in a sump and pumped away from the excavation site. Sump pumping can be hugely cost effective, but excessive seepage and ground loss into the excavation can be both expensive and time consuming to deal with and can pose a real threat to the instability of the ground and adjacent structures. To avoid this risk, it may be necessary to use a pre-drainage method. This involves lowering the groundwater levels in advance of excavation.

Pre-drainage methods include:

Factors such as the type of soil, and the nature of the construction site will all influence which dewatering method will be best suited to your project.


Why Expert Advice is Essential

No matter what the size of your venture, our highly experienced team can guide you through this process and advise you on the most cost effective and reliable solutions. We offer a complete design, installation and maintenance service package so there is a solution for all of your project needs.

Our installation and management teams have all been trained and qualified through rigorous in-house and external training programmes. With over 30 years’ industry leading experience we are well equipped to deal with the difficulties and processes typically faced when installing and maintaining dewatering and groundwater control systems.

WJ Kuwait has always committed to investing in technology and people, and this has allowed us to lead the way in our industry sector.

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